Nicolás Bondancia

Xavier Martin

Online photography portfolio

Photography website with minimalist design. It includes intelligent image loading and a horizontal slider to give a differentiating touch. Optimization for fast loading of the website.



Dark Liver

#4e4e4e #616060

Baby Powder

#fdfdfd #f9f9f9


Gill Sans Gill Sans Bold

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In order to keep the image at the center of the site, a minimalist design was created, so that the only thing that stands out is the presence of the photograph. In addition, a slider from left to right allows people to see the images at 100% height in a very organic way of display.


On a photography website like this one, the images are at the center of attention. They must be large and of very good quality. If in addition to this we consider that on a single page the client needs to show more than 50 photos, we know that we have an inconvenience to solve. Intelligent image loading was generated through JS and optimized to operate with the horizontal site slider.