Nicolás Bondancia

ME Perfumery

Self-manageable platform + Branding

Website with Wordpress + WooCommerce implementation and payment platform. PHP and JS customization to accommodate the site to customer needs. Logo and branding design.



Desert Sand

#E4BFB4 #E1C9C1

Dark Vanilla

#ccb8af #d4c5bf

Smoky Black

#0e0e0e #333333


Roboto Light Roboto Roboto Bold

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With the intention of transmitting a reliable brand image that strengthened the company's sales possibilities, a brand manual was generated to be implemented on different platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook, and on the website and printed stationery. The aim was to create an elegant brand image, but with a modern and nature-oriented design.


Having a shop with hundreds of products, one of the most important aspects was to display them in an orderly manner. For this we worked with a category tree, smart filters and distinction by product brand, in addition to an incredibly complete search engine that allows the user to quickly access the product they are looking for.