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Website integrated to MercadoLibre

Institutional website with direct connection to the MercadoLibre platform through its API. Institutional page with sample of products imported from MercadoLibre and formatted via JS and CSS on the website.




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When dealing with a customer acquainted only with the online trading platform of MercadoLibre, with more than 1000 products uploaded to it, without the ability to handle cross stock or learn to use a new system, it was decided to generate a website that constantly communicates directly with MercadoLibre through its API. Each time a product is unsubscribed, modified, has its stock changed or is created in MercadoLibre, the change is automatically reflected on the website.


One of the main problems of the website is that the product categories are constantly changing and being updated, however, there are so many different products that cannot be displayed without categorization. In connection with the MercadoLibre API and through JS, a dynamic and intelligent tree of categories was created that self-generates each time the website loads in relation to the available products and categories, respecting the hierarchy of children and sibling elements.