Nicolás Bondancia

Adrián Santello

Personal website + Campaign

Personal web page of a graduate in Psychology. The site includes information, images, interactions in JS and blog articles. It has a formal design while remaining fresh and modern. Anchor articles were created to generate traffic to the site through their promotion in Instagram and Facebook.




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After an initial talk with the client, it was determined that his goal was to get his potential clients (young adults in search of therapy) to access his website to learn more about his therapeutic approach and eventually communicate with him to start therapy. Through the creation of anchor pages, by way of blog articles written based on the interests of the target audience, and with the help of an advertising campaign on Facebook and Instagram, the goal was achieved. Clients were directed to the personal website and with the use of Analytics and Facebook Ads the process was monitored.


Since this project was a redesign from scratch from an old and precarious website designed with an online web design platform, the client provided the old link to access the information that is displayed on the site today. It was a very big challenge to find the right way to present that information (very abundant) on a modern website, with an orderly structure and avoiding using very large paragraphs. With the use of CSS and JS animations, the visible text was reduced by a very high percentage.