Nicolás Bondancia

Rosana Simonassi

Online photography portfolio

Photography website with minimalist design. It has intelligent image loading, basic animations and optimization for fast loading of the website.



Registration Black

#000000 #101010

Light Grey

#D0D0D0 #D8D8D8


Raleway Light Raleway Raleway Bold

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The website is divided into different projects, each with many images. The client’s priority was to show images in full screen and of great size and quality but having a fast loading website. This is why an intelligent image loading system was implemented to allow the website to load quickly and efficiently without having to dispense with the quality, size or quantity of the images to be displayed.


To maintain a cohesive website design, both the artist's C.V. and the documents belonging to each of the works were redesigned to generate PDF files that maintained the aesthetics of the website, thus avoiding a disruption in the design from one platform to another.