Nicolás Bondancia

Eccentric Fox

Design studio website

Multimedia Design Studio website. CSS animations, JS implementations, dynamic and interactive design. Intelligent image upload, web optimization.



Blue Sapphire

#0C5C72 #226A7E

Deep Carrot Orange

#D9702B #DC7D3E

Anti-flash White

#ECF0F1 #F1F4F4


Montserrat Light Montserrat Montserrat Bold

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In order to create a super interactive and dynamic website, the design is full of different animations, interactions and small winks to the user who is visiting. From a navbar that is hidden so as not to disturb the user, texts that are self-written, videos inserted in small devices, to subtle animations of lines and texts, everything is thought through to the last detail.


The different sections of the site (Web, Graphic and Video) have devices floating in their pages that show different videos. To generate these elements a complex layout with effects of JS and CSS was used, so that they really seem to float on the site, reproducing these animations on their screens. They are responsive and the loading of the videos is optimized.