Nicolás Bondancia

Cultivar Bienestar

Institutional Website

Design of institutional website for mindfulness oriented educational institution. Minimalist design with a focus on communicating a message of well-being and connection with nature.



Mountain Meadow

#2abf9b #3DC4A4

Dark Imperial Blue

#0F4461 #24556F


#333333 #585858


Open Sans Open Sans Bold

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The choice of a minimalist design was not the only decision taken to accompany the message of peace and mindfulness of the institution: colors that convey tranquility were chosen, short texts were used, empty spaces were respected and nature images were used to strengthen the communicative power of the website.


On a website of an educational organization it is very easy to quickly find a chaos of information. Data regarding courses, workshops, teaching staff, activities and much more can generate a difficult-to-read web page. This is why all the information was filtered and organized in small packages within the different sections with great rigour, having as a primary objective that the user can find everything he needs without feeling overwhelmed by the excess of information.