Nicolás Bondancia


Institutional Website

Design of the company's institutional website dedicated to the sale of windows. Self-managed website with editing panel.



United Nations Blue

#4B91ED #5B9BEE

Raisin Black

#262626 #393939

White Smoke



Roboto Light Roboto Roboto Bold

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Although the website is not the e-commerce type, it basically works as one. Based on Wordpress technology, it offers the client the possibility of registering, cancelling and modifying the different products offered, categorizing them to show them on the different pages of previously designed categories.


One of the things the client insisted on the most was that he wanted to avoid a product page (in each of its different categories) that was the simple store page seen in thousands of sites across the web, where all the products are shown without any type of general information. That is why an introductory section was generated (and implemented via PHP), highlighting the most important characteristics of each category, with titles, texts, images, bullets, and many more elements.